No CS without ES

Essential to a company’s growth is customer satisfaction (ES). To achieve this, you need a company run based on employee satisfaction (ES). We believe all people involved with Global Seed must be happy.

●Accommodating what people really need today
Japanese society today is facing a shrinking population and decreased childbirth, so the working population is contracting. This makes it a seller’s market for labor, with talent choosing companies, not the other way around. What are leading companies doing today to stay relevant? This includes robots, AI, mechanization,
and other attempts to remove humans from the equation. But what are the skills that companies truly need? Our approach to talent acquisition is wide ranging. We are not caught up in established thinking and consider it essential to respect employees and create a working environment that is stress-free, fulfilling, and easy in which to work. We believe that is the key to achieving and improving ES, or employee satisfaction.

●No sustainable growth without ES
For companies to remain sustainable, they must competitively secure the best talent. Failing to do that, they will not only be unable to survive, but they may quickly disappear. We live in times in which you cannot have CS without ES, and in which you cannot be a sustainable growing concern without ES. Global Seed wants to grow in tandem with its employees towards a brighter tomorrow.