Find new business potential (seeds) and cultivate a foundation (community) for it. Without that, the business will not take root and grow, creating a unique story. Even with a solid foundation, lacking an idea or vision of what to plant there will not lead to a fruitful harvest. Seeking to cultivate promising seeds into rich fruit for tomorrow, we are unstinting in our creativity

We take a global outlook, going beyond Japan to subtly adapt to and pick up global culinary styles and trends, turning them into new business opportunities and generating a positive feedback loop with various communities. We will spare no effort in pursuing a richer way of life that transcends borders and ethnicities.

Simply harvesting the crop when the seeds bear fruit will not lead to long-term success. You have to consider what value that fruit offers and how it can enrich your life. We want to become a leading company that is a pioneer in fostering a happiness oriented society.

When a seed bears fruit, that fruit in turn gives back seeds of its own. This cycle creates new possibilities — we are rising to the challenge of cultivating bigger and better outcomes. Growing new seeds, or ideas, in an unknown landscape means there are no past cases to turn to. We have to fearlessly plunge into the future to create something new.